ebearMain.mel & ebears world

Ebears World is a game concept I have been developing in my spare time.
After a previous experience developing a game prototype in Maya I decided to give this a go.
It's been surprisingly easy to get a test worthy demo going, most of the time has been spent tweaking controls and wrestling performance issues.
In the absence of a engineering team, I would highly recommend using Maya to prototype game concepts for the shear speed and freedom it allows.

This is a video of the prototype running in maya using two 360 controllers.

*character textures by Frank Harmon

This main code segment of Ebears World prototype 3. Input from two Xbox 360 controller s where used to test controller schemes, animation, etc.

The TecnoFreak animation system was developed by Pau(last name unknown) for their indie game "The Teddy Incident" and has continued development for the OGRE community. It's a stand alone app that allows artist to really take control of character animation behavior and can significantly simplify the engineers role in that aspect.

see the ebears world dev blog for further information.